How to Help


     Hodari Scholars is an all-volunteer organization.  When you donate, your contribution goes 100% toward scholarships.

     All contributors become Friends of Hodari Scholars and will receive Hodari's newsletter.  Donations may be made at the Donor, Sponsor and Patron levels.

        Donor contributions of $100, or contributions of any    

        amount up to $999, go toward fulfilling the scholarship

        obligations of Hodari Scholars.

        Sponsor contributions of $1,000 to $1,200 provide a

        one-year individiual scholarship.  Sponsors will be

        assigned an individual scholar.

        Patron contributions of $4,000 provide a four-year in-

        dividual scholarship that will be named for the patron, and

        Patrons will be assigned individual scholars.

    To give Sponsors and Patrons the opportunity to develop

a more personal relationship with their assigned scholars,

scholars will communicate with them, through Hodari, with photos and news of the scholars' progress and life at school.  Hodari scholars will also provide Sponsors and Patrons with

yearly updates on their assigned scholars.

      Please make your donations payable to Hodari Scholars

and send them to

                    Viki Shusterman, Treasurer

                    Hodari Scholars Foundation

                    P. O. Box 2073

                    San Rafael CA 94912

     Be sure to include your name, address and e-mail.

     Donations made by check will go l00% to scholarships.  If you prefer to donate with a credit card, you may do so through PayPal; a small percentage of your donation will go toward Hodari’s payment for this service.


                                        THE GIRL EFFECT

             Today over 600 million girls live in the developing world.

    See how investing in their future can change the course of humanity.


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          For further details about The Girl Effect, go to

                Thank you for supporting Hodari Scholars!

You can help this girl who is selling carrots

in the market, become ............

This girl, who is studying for her final exams.